Team Philippines bags First Place in 2010 Imagine Cup Game Design Competition

Team Philippines or By Implication (the group’s name) is comprised of students from Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines won First Place in Imagine Cup 2010 with a $25,000 Grand Prize! If converted to peso, it would amount to atleast P1,150,000. Wow right 🙂

The Imagine Cup is the world’s premiere student technology competition sponsored by Microsoft which gathers the best developers around the world and harnesses the creative minds of the youth to address problems faced by the world today using the power of information technology.

Well I used to join this event way back when I was still in college, but I didn’t even get as far as them, who even won the grand prize. 🙂 I feel so proud, ofcourse they are Pinoys.

By Implication was inspired by the spirit of volunteerism displayed by their peers following the damage caused by Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy), Wildfire centers on the idea that rampant social issues can be solved and defeated if people collaborate.

“After the havoc wreaked by Typhoon Ketsana, we saw that Filipinos responded immediately and actively to disaster efforts. We were moved by this and Wildfire demonstrates the amazing things people can achieve when and if they work together,” said Philip Cheang of Team By Implication.

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Finals for the Imagine Cup 2010 was held in Warsaw, Poland wherein you’ll get an all expense trip if you atleast get to the finals. Cool right?!

Cheang mentioned that competing at the Imagine Cup was an experience the team will never forget. “We are honored to represent the country in the Imagine Cup. Competing with the best design and developer teams from other countries opened our eyes to the many ways we can apply technology to encourage social action,” he said.
“The solutions presented by our teams demonstrate how technology can transform education, the way people think, work and act. We’re very happy to show the world that Filipinos are capable of bringing about change through innovation,” said Vergel de Dios.

Microsoft announced that the Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Finals will be held in New York City. So if you are still qualified to join (still a student :P), why don’t you join! Bring honor to our country and widen up you knowledge and excel your skills too!

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Source: MicrosoftImagine Cup