A glimpse on the upcoming Internet Explorer 9

The New Upcoming Internet Explorer 9Some of us are maybe excited on the upcoming new browser made by Microsoft, which is Internet Explorer 9. Especially to many people who keep on using it, even if there so much very good internet browsers out there like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. We all have many questions about it… Especially us Web Designers. What it can do? Would it eliminate the problems that causes many web designers to hate Internet Explorer browsers? and so on and so fourth.

So to give an answer to most questions here are the capabilities of the New Internet Explorer 9.

Supports CSS3
-Unlike the current Internet Explorer, which is IE8, where in all popular browser it doesn’t support CSS3, where all popular internet browsers already support CSS3 on there latest versions, but not all functions yet since CSS3 is still under developed. But now the new upcoming IE9 would support CSS3.

Support HTML5
-Same with CSS3, the current version of IE (Internet Explorer) also doesn’t support HTML 5 wherein its rival internet browsers already supports HTML5, and now, with the upcoming IE9, it now supports HTML5 that IE9 would deliver interoperability with the next generation of Web Standards.

Better support on JavaScript & Graphics
-Since many on the internet now, uses JavaScript, with IE9 they might take to a new level of how JavaScript are compiled and used on their browser, that now with IE9 it would take full advantage of the hardware of the user with background compiled JavaScript and with Graphics that it would create next-generation experiences with GPU-powered HTML5 Graphics

Currently Internet Explorer 9 is still under development, so many would might add up on the official launch of the browser and there is still no final date of launch for it.

To have IE9 on your platform or OS the requirements would be your PC should be running Windows 7 or Windows Vista and it would be available on both 32Bit and 64Bit PCs.

Hopefully when IE 9 is launched it will fix all problem they have on IE8 and somehow would get a good head start on other browsers since many uses Internet Explorer browsers and for Web Designers and Developers won’t have a hard time building customized styles just for the Web Design to look good on IE browsers.

To have a summary on the development of the New IE9, what the development has achieved already. Go to this link.

So for people who want to have a Test Drive on the New Internet Explorer 9, just go to this link.