Android 3.0 HoneyComb: Built for Tablet PCs

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Android 3.0 also known as HoneyComb hasn’t been officially launched but a preview of it has been unveiled to the public. Though we are still waiting for the iPad 2, the new Android 3.0, the next generation of the Android Family is now built for Tablet PCs… Since the previous and current versions of Android even though many tablets out there offers, Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 installed… those versions are built for Mobile Phones and are not optimized for the use of Tablet PCs. But now Android is here to take the challenge of taking the road where the iPad is dominating and so far with what I’ve have seen it will be a pretty good fight, though as I’ve said we are still waiting for the 2nd Generation of the iPad. So this is pretty interesting how Steve Jobs will react with this.

So for now just watch the preview below and be amazed of what the Android 3.0 HoneyComb can do you with your Future Tablet this year.

Though not yet released but here’s one Tablet that has the power of the new Android 3.0 HoneyComb… the Motorola Xoom.

So what do you think? Does Android 3.0 HoneyComb has the power to defeat the iPad?

Office 2010 on the new Windows 7 Mobile Phones

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Microsoft Office 2010 now works on the new Windows 7 Phones that will be released this year 2011, with these features you can now add, edit, delete or even sync your documents on SkyDrive and SharePoint by just using your Windows 7 Mobile Phone. Pretty cool right?

The interface is beautiful, simple, elegant and easy to use. It has been optimized for mobile platform.

The video below is a demo how Office 2010 works on Windows 7 Mobile Phones.

You can apply for a Free 25GB Storage SkyDrive here.

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How does YouTube deals with copyright?

In this video you’ll see how YouTube handles copyright from the moment a video is uploaded to their servers. Very cool!

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Scott Pilgrim VS The World (Movie Synopsis & Trailer)

Scott Pilgrim VS The World is another Wacky-Cool under dog Super Hero Movie based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Oni Press comic book of the same name, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World follows the eponymous slacker rocker on his colorful quest to defeat his dream girl’s seven evil ex-boyfriends. Twenty-two-year-old Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) may not have a job, but rocking the bass for his band, Sex Bob-omb, is a tough job unto itself. When Scott locks eyes with Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), he knows she’s the girl he wants to grow old with. But Ramona has some serious baggage; her supercharged exes rue the thought of her being with another man, and they’ll crush any guy who gives her a second glance. Now, in order to win Ramona’s heart, Scott will do battle with everyone from vegan-powered rock gods to sinister skateboarders, never losing sight of his gorgeous goal as he pummels his way to victory. Shaun of the Dead’s Edgar Wright directs the film from a script he penned with Michael Bacall. Superhero veterans Chris Evans and Brandon Routh co-star in the action comedy as two of the seven ex-boyfriends.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World Official Trailer HQ

Scott Pilgrim Girlfriend Evil Exes


  • Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead  as Ramona V. Flowers
  • Kieran Culkin as Wallace Wells
  • Chris Evans as Lucas Lee
  • Anna Kendrick as Stacey Pilgrim
  • Brandon Routh as Todd Ingram
  • Alison Pill as Kim Pine
  • Jason Schwartzman as Gideon Gordon Graves
  • Ellen Wong as Knives Chau
  • Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel
  • Mark Webber as Stephen Stills

Scott Pilgrim VS The World Theatrical Trailer HD

Scott Pilgrim VS The World Avatar Creator

What’s cool with the website when you go there is that they have an AVATAR CREATOR wherein you can create you own avatar and save it to use it as your desktop wallpaper, send it to your friends, post it on Facebook or Twitter, save it as an IM Icon/Avatar or in short do whatever you want haha! See screenshot below.

Click here to go to the Avatar Creator

Scott Pilgrim VS The World Avatar Creator
Scott Pilgrim VS The World Avatar Creator

Scott Pilgrim VS The World will be showing on August 13, 2010

References: Fandango and IMBD


iPhone 4 rivals hit back on Steve Job’s accusation on having the same Antenna Problem – Smartphone Wars

Smartphone makers Blackberry, Samsung and HTC on Tuesday rejected claims by Apple chief Steve Jobs that other smartphones have antenna problems similar to those reported with the latest iPhone model.

The three rivals to Apple reacted after Jobs highlighted their devices at a presentation on Friday, saying other smartphones had similar antenna difficulties to the iPhone 4

Some users of Apple’s newest gadget have complained that they lose reception when covering the lower left corner of the phone in what has been referred to as a “death grip”.

The problem is caused by an unusual antenna that wraps completely around the iPhone 4. Apple offered free cases to customers to help remedy the problem.

Aiming to demonstrate the iPhone is not the only smartphone that loses signal strength when gripped a particular way, Jobs displayed a video of tests with devices from Canada’s RIM, Taiwan’s HTC and South Korea’s Samsung.

Apple also created an online page on “Smartphone Antenna Performance” at showing the tests with RIM’s Blackberry Bold 9700, the HTC Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia II.

However Samsung said Tuesday: “Based on years of experience of designing high-quality phones, Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimizes reception quality for any type of hand-grip use.”

Samsung officials added there had been no major customer complaints about the reception of the Omnia II.

Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, the co-chief executives of RIM, said: “Apple’s attempt to draw RIM into Apple’s self-made debacle is unacceptable.”

“Apple’s claims about RIM products appear to be deliberate attempts to distort the public’s understanding of an antenna design issue and to deflect attention from Apple’s difficult situation,” they said.

The RIM CEOs said their company “is a global leader in antenna design and has been successfully designing industry-leading wireless data products with efficient and effective radio performance for over 20 years.

“One thing is for certain, RIM’s customers don’t need to use a case for their BlackBerry smartphone to maintain proper connectivity,” they said.

Taiwan’s HTC Corp joined in rejecting Jobs’ claims, saying its engineers had overcome antenna problems in designing its smartphones.

“It is well understood by the industry that if enough of a phone and its antenna is covered, the RF (radio frequency) signal will be attenuated to some extent,” the company said in a statement.

“At HTC, we carefully engineer our phones to ensure that this effect is minimized in real-world use…. The results of this customer-centric approach can be seen in the satisfaction of our customers.”

Jobs on Friday acknowledged the iPhone 4 drops slightly more calls than the previous version of the smartphone, the iPhone 3GS, but said the issue had been “blown so out of proportion that it’s incredible.”

References: Inquirer, Apple and Agence France-Presse

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A new way of creating websites for iPad

With the launch of iPad, website developers are now facing a number of complex problems that are intimately associated with the layout of a website. However, you need to have a fair level of authority on CSS if you wish to ride past these trivial issues easily. This is the reason why not every experienced web developer is up against arms against iPad. Actually managing CSS3 is not much of a challenge unless you are a novice in this field. However, the platform is certainly new and therefore, you need to tread on cautiously.

There are a number of issues that you need to give utmost attention and some of them are described in details below:

iPad Safari
iPad Portrait and Landscape view using Safari

Hover Effect and Links

As you all know, iPad comes with touch screen and therefore, it is quite clear that you need to employ a different technique this time around. You need to be a little particular while placing images in a website. Try to avoid text links rather; you should use large images, as it will add to the tactile nature of iPad, which will in turn make your website all the more interesting and engaging. But you should not try the old hover technique with the CSS3 because it will not have the same magical effect on iPad. You should not forget the fact that jQuery is not ideal for i-devices.

Use of Some CSS Properties

You can give a fresh look to your website by using these properties:

”Position: fixed”: This property will not work in Mobile Safari but still it is good enough to jazz the appearance of your website in iPad. By using this property, you will be able to position things more efficiently and effectively.

Think About Orientation

iPad gets accolades from varies sources for its amazing landscape and portrait modes but they are not CSS friendly at all. Therefore, it is quite evident that you need to do something proactively to make your website look equally good in iPad in any of these modes. The only way, you will be able to deal with this intricate issue is by creating two different CSS files : portrait.css and landscape.css . This is what you have to do:

<link rel=”stylesheet” media=”all and (orientation:landscape)” href=”landscape.css”>
<link rel=”stylesheet” media=”all and (orientation:portrait)” href=”portrait.css”>”

Do not Use Frame

You should not put your online reputation at stake by developing your website in frame. Frame will come with a number of issues that includes content overflow, unruly webpage etc.

As iPad web development is relatively a newfound area of work, you might face a number of issues that you have not experienced before. Therefore, you need to be prepared to face new challenges.

Source: Quality Web Programming

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Team Philippines bags First Place in 2010 Imagine Cup Game Design Competition

Team Philippines or By Implication (the group’s name) is comprised of students from Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines won First Place in Imagine Cup 2010 with a $25,000 Grand Prize! If converted to peso, it would amount to atleast P1,150,000. Wow right 🙂

The Imagine Cup is the world’s premiere student technology competition sponsored by Microsoft which gathers the best developers around the world and harnesses the creative minds of the youth to address problems faced by the world today using the power of information technology.

Well I used to join this event way back when I was still in college, but I didn’t even get as far as them, who even won the grand prize. 🙂 I feel so proud, ofcourse they are Pinoys.

By Implication was inspired by the spirit of volunteerism displayed by their peers following the damage caused by Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy), Wildfire centers on the idea that rampant social issues can be solved and defeated if people collaborate.

“After the havoc wreaked by Typhoon Ketsana, we saw that Filipinos responded immediately and actively to disaster efforts. We were moved by this and Wildfire demonstrates the amazing things people can achieve when and if they work together,” said Philip Cheang of Team By Implication.

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Finals for the Imagine Cup 2010 was held in Warsaw, Poland wherein you’ll get an all expense trip if you atleast get to the finals. Cool right?!

Cheang mentioned that competing at the Imagine Cup was an experience the team will never forget. “We are honored to represent the country in the Imagine Cup. Competing with the best design and developer teams from other countries opened our eyes to the many ways we can apply technology to encourage social action,” he said.
“The solutions presented by our teams demonstrate how technology can transform education, the way people think, work and act. We’re very happy to show the world that Filipinos are capable of bringing about change through innovation,” said Vergel de Dios.

Microsoft announced that the Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Finals will be held in New York City. So if you are still qualified to join (still a student :P), why don’t you join! Bring honor to our country and widen up you knowledge and excel your skills too!

To learn about the Imagine Cup 2011, visit

Source: MicrosoftImagine Cup

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5 steps on how to make your video searchable on Google

A short video by Nelson Lee, Product Manager at Google on How you can set you video to get searched at Google. Since many are uploading videos everyday it’s really hard to compete but with the right steps and info, you can be sure that you’re video will come up soon on Google’s Search Engine.

This is a recap on what’s on the video:

If you want your video to be searchable on Google, you need to create a Video Sitemap

Here are the 5 easy steps on creating a Video Sitemap…
  1. Title
  2. Brief Description of your Video (must be a relevant description of your video)
  3. Play page URL (where direct users can play and watch the video)
  4. Thumbnail URL (a small image or a preview of the video)
  5. Raw video file location (the link where the video is stored)

So once you have this info ready sign-in or sign-up to Google Web Master Tools.

Submitting a Video Sitemap means Google can better discover your videos and make them easy to find in search results.

To learn more about Video Sitemaps, visit

Happy Learning!


Apple is giving Free iPhone 4 Cases due to its Antenna Design Problem

Apple plans to give iPhone 4 users a free case in hopes of satisfying concerns about the design of its antenna and signal problems.

CEO Steve Jobs made the announcement (click here for the live blog) during a press conference at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Friday morning in response to a public-relations crisis over signal issues reported with the iPhone 4, which was unveiled in June. iPhone 4 owners will apply for the free bumper (a case that protects just the outer rim of the phone) online at Apple’s Web site, and owners who already purchased a bumper will get a full refund, Jobs said. (Apple will post a video of the conference here shortly, it’s not live as of 11:57 a.m. PDT.)

“We’re not perfect, phones aren’t perfect. But we want to make all our users happy,” Jobs said.

Jobs said Apple can’t make enough bumpers for of all 3 million iPhone 4 customers, so it’s contracting with third-party manufacturers and will offer customers a choice of cases.

Apple plans to continue offering these free cases until September 30, at which point Apple will re-evaluate whether or not that’s still the best solution. Jobs admitted that Apple’s internal iPhone 4 testing showed the phone dropped more calls than the iPhone 3GS, but said the number of additional dropped calls was extremely small and that competitive smartphones such as the BlackBerry and the Droid suffer from similar problems.

After the press conference ended, Apple posted photos, videos, and details about its testing process that were shown during the event. The issue occurs when iPhone 4 users touch a small area on the lower-left side of the iPhone 4 where there is a gap in the iPhone 4’s external antenna.

Jobs said just 0.55 percent of iPhone 4 owners called Apple to lodge complaints about the signal problems and return rates have been lower than they were for the iPhone 3GS. But a loud outcry against the design and Apple’s response to complaints exploded on the Internet, which in Jobs’ opinion was “blown way out of proportion.”

Apple faced a similar outcry in 2007 when it drastically cut the price of the original iPhone from $599 to $399, and the company delivered a similar response: a $100 store credit.

Source: CNET

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Free Alternative Project Management System to Basecamp using Joomla and ProjectFork

Basecamp ushered in an era of simplistic, no-frills project management brought on by saturation of complicated project management software like Microsoft Project. Since then, many SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) project managers popped up in competition with Basecamp and it’s model.

Another era began roughly around the same time. The era of Open-Source CMS software such as Joomla! and mass adoption by large and small businesses alike. More and more business are moving to Joomla! for its low associated cost and access to many powerful extensions. One such Joomla! extension is Projectfork, a free Open-Source project management solution.

Who can use Projectfork?

Since Projectfork is Open-Source and users are free to modify the code and language, any type of company can use Projectfork and customize the experience for their customers and employees. Projectfork is perfect for web design firms, software development companies, real estate companies, retail stores, and just about any company needing simple project management and time tracking.
Projectfork is even being used on an internal site from!

Projectfork Highlights

Project Manager Features:
Projectfork has all the features that have become standards in project management software such as Projects, Milestones, Tasks, Time Tracking, Calendar, Message Board, File Manager, User Profiles, and User Groups.

No Limitations:
One of the biggest advantages of hosting your own project manager is the fact that your server space is the only limitation on files and also that you have full access to data and aren’t limited in any way by the number of users, projects, etc.

Custom Access Levels:
Projectfork gives you the option of using permissions based on Joomla’s core users groups (Public, Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher, Manager, Administrator and Super Administrator), but you’ll probably want to dig into User Groups for creating custom access and permissions for groups of users you create.

Joomla! Integration:
Already have your users in Joomla? Want VirtueMart shoppers to easily be added to projects? How about JomSocial users being able to see their project activity in their social profile? This is all possible since Projectfork is a Joomla! component.

It’s Completely Free!:
The main Projectfork component is completely free to use and modify under the GPL Open-Source license.

Projectfork Requirements

Let’s answer a few questions to figure out how we’ll need to setup Projectfork

How will I be using a project manager?:
I own a web design firm and will be creating different projects for each different job I get.

What types of people will be accessing it?:
I want to retain global control over everything. I will add a project manager from my company that can do anything for a particular project. I will then add contractors that will have a good bit of access, but won’t be managers. Lastly, I will add stakeholders from the client company that have limited access.

What will these people be doing?:
The project manager will be adding contractors and clients, and have the ability to add,edit and delete anything. The contractors will be able to upload and delete files, complete tasks and communicate with the clients. The clients will only be able to view and comment on everything, as well as upload files, but not delete them.

Will this project manager appear to be an intranet or integrated into a site?:
I’d like for the project managers to appear stand-alone, as an intranet. All users except myself will login directly into the intranet and not see the normal site. I’ll also want to check in on progress from my iPhone.

Extending Projectfork

Projectfork comes with a complete extendable framework much like Joomla’s, with themes and extensions.

Projectfork Themes & Extensions »
There are a bunch of official Projectfork themes and extensions available on

AThomp Technologies »
Projectfork 3rd party developers are starting to pop up. AThomp Tech offers some very cool extensions.

For my Design Firm Project Manager I’ve selected the following:

Projectfork Component »
The main project management component that comes with most of the features I need out of the box. The Projectfork core component is completely free and GPL licensed.

Carbon »
Premium theme: A slick theme that transforms Projectfork into a tactile User Interface in the web browser or on the iPhone.

Activity Stream »
Premium extension: An updated list of activity from project members across all areas of Projectfork. This activity stream can also feed into Community Builder or JomSocial via plugins.

Status »
Premium extension: A way to update your status and view your team’s status. The status is also fed into the Activity Stream.

TIP: You can grab all the premium Projectfork themes and extensions in the Projectfork Bundle, which is currently 99 bucks for 1 year of access and new releases.

Setting Up and installing My Intranet

Joomla! CMS
Joomla! is required. Projectfork currently supports version Joomla! 1.5, and 1.6 support is in the works.

Projectfork installs via Joomla’s normal installer, then goes through an automated setup process upon first visit. I can choose whether to install sample data or not, I’m going to do a clean install this time.

Projectfork Installation Screenshot

Projectfork Themes & Extensions
Projectfork has its own installer for themes and extensions after that point. Each extension type has its own Config page, from which extensions are installed and enabled.

Creating a Project with Projectfork

Now to the fun part. We’ll go through all the different steps in setting up my project workspace.

Create a Project
Creating a project is simple. All that’s required is a project title, but I can also add a description, deadline, choose whether the project is public and if people can request to join (I’ll leave both turned off), upload a company logo, and even add members to the project (I’ll do this in the next step though).

Select Project Workspace
IMPORTANT: To add users to a project, create groups, tasks, or any project related info you must have a project selected in the Project Workspace dropdown

Add or Import Users
I can either add completely new users to my Joomla! installation or import users that are already in the system. My clients are new, so I’ll need to add them. My project managers and contractors have worked for me before, so I’ll import them.

Adding Custom User Groups & Permissions
Now for the real power of Projectfork. Custom ACL:
I don’t want my clients, contractors, or project managers accessing any other part of my Joomla! site, so I want to keep them all as regular Registered users in Joomla! To give them specific permissions in Projectfork I’ll create 3 User Groups for them. When creating a new group, I just check the different sections and then the privileges the group gets. I can also add members to groups at this point.

1. Project Managers: I want this group to be able to do everything, so for each section I use the hand ‘Select All’ checkbox. I then add my 1 project manager user.

2. Contractors: Contractors get lots of privileges, but not all, so I check off all the things I want them to be able to do like ‘Upload Files’ and ‘Edit Files’. I have 2 contractors so I add them now.

Projectfork Installation Screenshot 2

3. Clients: I only want my clients to be able to view information, download things and comment, so I check off permission like ‘Download files’ and ‘Write comments’

Add Project Information
Now that I’m all setup, I can go through each section and add Milestones, Tasks, Files, Events, etc.

Menu Link
For Projectfork to be visible from the public frontend of Joomla!, a menu item must be added, linking to Projectfork. You can name the menu item anything, I’ve named mine “Project Manager”.

Projectfork Installation Screenshot 2

Hide Joomla! Template
Found in the Config, this option hides the surrounding Joomla! template for all Projectfork pages, thus giving it the fullscreen appearance of an intranet. This option only works on the public frontend.

Projectfork Hide joomla

TIP: Insert a Joomla login module into Projectfork
Since I’m hiding the Joomla! template, I need a way for my project members to login. Conveniently, I can use any Joomla! module inside Projectfork by editing the desired module (like mod_login) and changing the position to a panel position inside my Projectfork theme (typically pf_theme_sidebar or pf_controlpanel_left)

Here’s the final outcome:

Projectfork Final

Projectfork Alternate Setup

If I had chosen to display Projectfork within my site, I’d have used the Default theme it comes with, and not have chosen the ‘Hide Joomla template’ option. With Joomla’s default template it would have looked like this:

Projectfork Final


Many of those same users that were attracted to the simple features of Basecamp and the ease of launching an implementation are now frustrated with the rising monthly costs, limitation of features and lack of access to the data. In this respect Projectfork has become more useful for many previous Basecamp users.

Suddenly companies with limited budgets and the need for custom feature sets can obtain a rich, interactive website with Joomla! and an equally powerful project manager with Projectfork. Even if you aren’t currently using Joomla! for you website, you can validate giving it a try entirely for Projectfork to create a Do-it-yourself project manager.

Source: SpeckyBoy